Mod Haus Women's Fashion 


812 Columbia St., 

Vancouver, WA. 98660


Sun: 12-4

Mon: Closed

Tue-Sat: 11-5


 Mod Haus - Store Features

Since most women have a slight preference in fashion, Mod Haus offers a distinct variety in its inventory. Our selection will satisfy many customers' tastes. Most of the items in Mod Haus are purchased from various wholesale distributors throughout the country at discount prices, much like the off-price apparel stores which have become so popular today. As mentioned earlier, the store also carries some vintage clothing that really appeals to certain customers.  

There are three features that are very noticeable when shopping at Mod Haus. First; the clothes and accessories are very reasonably priced. Second; the store has a vibrant 60's decor. And third; the customer service is efficient, friendly and helpful. Every shopper is treated with care and respect.